5 Things You Need To Know About Home-Based Business Insurance

Insurance might not be top of mind when planning a home-based business. Here are the top five things you need to know to protect yourself and your home.

Tree Maintenance and Care

The trees in your yard can enhance your property, provide shade and offer abundant environmental benefits. However, trees can also pose a safety hazard to your family and your home if they are not properly inspected and maintained.

Save the Stress: Hot Water Tanks 101

Hot water tank disasters can sneak up on you if they’re not monitored for signs of wear and tear. It’s important to keep an eye on yours so you can fix any issues before they become too serious.

What’s the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value?

“Replacement cost” and “actual cash value” are two of the most common calculations insurers use to determine the amount a customer will receive if they make a home insurance claim or a car insurance claim. What’s the difference between them, and which applies when you make a claim?

How to keep ice off your sidewalks all winter long

It's winter in Ontario and that means icy sidewalks and driveways! Keep them clear to avoid slips and potential liability claims using some of these methods.

Beware of On-Line Pandemic Scams

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, since March 2020, over 8,500 Canadians have been duped by pandemic-related scams with an estimated cost of $7 million. Here's how to protect yourself from fraud.

The Lowdown on Insurance Deductibles

Have you ever looked through your insurance policy and felt like you were reading another language? Understanding insurance terminology might seem intimidating, but we're working on changing that. Let

Avoiding insurance seller scams & finding a legitimate broker

With insurance fraud on the rise across the country, we want to arm you with the information you need so you can recognize potential scams and make smart choices, especially when it comes to buying insurance.

Business Interruption & COVID-19

Business Interruption coverage is typically an add-on to an existing business insurance policy. In the event of loss or damage to a business or damage to a neighbouring property requiring the business to shut down, business interruption insurance covers continuing expenses or replaces lost profits.

How to Keep your Personal Information Secure when using Smart Home Devices

We use smartphones and tablets for everything, from banking to sharing

Can you Use your Personal Vehicle for Business?

Whether you have a long commute to the office or you drive around on the job, you should know what kind of business use is covered by your personal auto insurance policy — and at what point you need to update your coverage or purchase a commercial policy.

Reduce your Exposure to Thefts

Are you a store owner who’s been a victim of theft? You’re in the majority. According to Canadian statistics, there are over 50,000 charges for shoplifting and theft under $5,000 every year and thieves are caught only once every 49 times.

New Peace of Mind for Landlords

Last year, a Regina landlord returned from his vacation only to discover that his tenant had vacated his home and trashed it, damaging the walls, floors and every bathroom. Most of his furniture was also gone.

Don’t Be the Next Victim

In today’s digital world, any business connected to the internet is at risk to a cyberattack. A recent Stats Canada survey reported that more than one in five Canadian companies were cyberattacked last year.

Get Your Business Winter-Ready

Now that winter is almost here, make sure your business is ready and protected from any unnecessary winter-related claims.

Avoid Costly Mechanical Breakdowns

Every business today relies on some form of equipment to keep it operational; whether it’s production equipment, heating and air conditioning equipment or point of sale terminals.

Protect The Environment And Yourself

Environmental insurance products date back to the 1980’s, and they were designed to protect industries that generated or transported waste and contaminants. The policies primarily covered offsite contaminations.

Getting Back To Business

You just had a major fire at your business and now your doors are closed indefinitely. While your property policy will cover the costs to repair or replace your building, equipment and materials, you worry that your business won’t survive for very long as you still have expenses to pay but no steady income.

Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, 95% of Ontario’s employers are small businesses and they employ 28% of the workers in Ontario.

Liability Insurance for Commercial Drones is a Must-Have

Whether you fly an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for business or pleasure, Transport Canada has changed the rules of the ‘game of drones’. Not only are the restrictions more airtight, they clearly draw that line in the sand between commercial and recreational use.