Get Your Business Winter-Ready

By: Whitley Newman Insurance
November 16, 2018

Now that winter is almost here, make sure your business is ready and protected from any unnecessary winter-related claims.

Here are some tips: 

Hire a Snow Removal Contractor

If you don’t already have a snow removal contract in place, don’t leave it until it’s too late. Hire someone today as your sidewalks and parking lot will soon be covered with snow or ice, creating a potential trip or slip and fall hazard.

Every year, be sure to request a copy of the contractor’s certificate of insurance to confirm they are properly insured to maintain your property.

If you plan to look after the snow removal and maintenance yourself, keep a log of when you shoveled the snow and sanded and/or salted. This can be valuable information for your insurance company should you be presented with a claim.

Slippery Floors

Snow that is tracked inside your business can create a slip and fall hazard. Hire a company to provide non-slip floor mats during the winter months or purchase good quality mats yourself to cover areas that are walked on by customers and your staff. Be sure to sweep and discard any salt accumulation that has been tracked in to prevent any damage to your floors and trim.  

Quickly mop up any wet areas and be certain to display wet floor caution signs until they are dry. 

Heating System

If you haven’t already done so, contact a licensed heating contractor to inspect and clean your heating system to confirm its running safely and efficiently. A faulty furnace or chimney could lead to a deadly carbon monoxide build up in your business.

Drain Outside Water Lines

Remember to drain and shut off any outside water lines around your business as frozen lines could eventually crack or rupture inside your building, causing major water damage.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Now that most of the leaves are off the trees, hire a company to clean out the leaves and other debris from your gutters and downspouts. Blocked gutters and downspouts can cause ice to back up under shingles or other roof materials, resulting in damage to your roof and potential water damage to your building, furnishings or products.

If your business has a flat roof, be sure to clear the leaves and other debris from the roof as well. Over the winter months, have large accumulations of snow removed from your roof by an experienced contractor to prevent stress on the trusses and a possible collapse.

The content in this article is for information purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as professional or expert advice.

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