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With My Documents, you will receive your policy documents for home, auto and business from us over email. You can save them to your computer or mobile for easy access and save the paper!
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Say Good-bye to Paper Liability Slips

Having to carry and update paper liability slips is now a thing of the past.

Thanks to our new digital format, My Proof of Insurance, your vehicle liability slip can now be conveniently stored and carried on your smart phone.

What is My Proof of Insurance

My Proof of Insurance allows you to receive your insurance documents from your insurance provider over email and save them to your computer and mobile device.

You can easily store your auto insurance card (eSlip) in your smartphone’s mobile wallet.

How Do I Receive My Slip?

Simply click the button below and complete the form or call us at 1-800-653-1924.

You will receive an email from My Proof of Insurance with a link to add your auto liability slip to your smartphone’s mobile digital wallet. Digital wallets are smartphone apps that serve as an electronic version of a physical wallet – they are simple to use and available on Apple, Android and Windows smartphones.

With My Proof of Insurance, you can store auto liability slips in your digital wallet alongside credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, event tickets, and boarding passes.

What are the common digital wallets?

Apple Wallet

Standard on iPhones running iOS 6 or higher. (Pre-Installed)


Available for free in Google Play store for devices running Android 3.0 or higher.


Available for free in Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Microsoft Wallet

Windows phone running Windows 10 and higher.* (Pre-Installed)
*Compatible handset required; check with your carrier for availability

Can I use my digital liability slip in place of the paper copy?

Approval for digital auto liability slips can vary between provinces and territories. Ontario is approved.

What if I don't own a smart phone?

This is just an option. Your insurance provider will continue to mail paper liability slips with your policy documents.

How do I access my auto liability slip?

Simply open your smartphone’s mobile digital wallet and select your auto liability slip to view.

I’m lending my vehicle to friend or family member. How do they access my auto liability slip?

The mobile digital wallet allows you to share your slip with other drivers on their smartphone.

Is My Proof Of Insurance secure?

Yes – all My Proof of Insurance emails are sent using secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, and auto insurance cards are stored using mobile digital wallet technology trusted by all major Canadian banks.

How do I protect my personal information when showing my digital auto liability slip to police or other drivers?

Your smartphone allows you to lock your screen when displaying your auto liability slip, restricting access to other apps, personal information, and blocking notifications of calls and text messages.


  1. To enable screen locking, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access, and turn on Guided Access.
  2. Go to Passcode Settings to set your passcode and enable/disable Touch ID. (For iPhone X, you may enable/disable Face ID).
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen to use Guided Access and lock your screen at any time.


  1. To enable screen locking, navigate to Screen Pinning (also known as Pin Windows) in your phone’s settings. The location of Screen Pinning/Pin Windows in settings will vary between phone model and Android version. Common locations include:
    – Settings > Security
    – Settings > Personal Security
    – Settings > Security & Location
    – Settings > Lock Screen & Security
  2. Turn on Screen Pinning/Pin Windows, and activate the option to require passcode/unlock pattern before unpinning.
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen to use Screen Pinning/Pin Windows and lock your screen at any time.


  • Locking feature removed from Windows phones as of software update version 1703 released in April, 2017.

How much does My Proof Of Insurance cost?

It’s free!

Why is it free?

My Proof of Insurance is funded jointly by insurance providers across Canada as a single, unified solution to send consumers their auto liability slips electronically.

Do I need the internet to view my vehicle liability slip?

Once you have saved your slip to your mobile device, you may view it without an internet connection.