Put it Away or the More You’ll Pay

Not long after the new distracted driving laws took effect, Toronto police conducted a campaign to see if drivers were changing their behaviors.

Which Windshield Washer Fluid Should You Use?

Not all washer fluids are created equal. Some formulas are better for melting snow and ice, while others tackle bugs, dirt, and tar. Get to know your options before topping up your washer tank.

What Happens When Your Vehicle Is A Total Loss?

Even when there are no injuries, the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful. Here are the answers to some questions you might be asking after your car has been declared a total loss.

Should You Increase Your Loss of Use Coverage?

Loss of use or transportation replacement coverage helps cover the cost of alternate transportation if your vehicle is involved in a covered claim. It is an important additional insurance coverage that many people neglect to carry.

Carjacking: How To Protect Yourself

Across Canada, rates of reported carjackings are rising. Stay diligent and take extra measures to protect yourself, when parked and when on the road by knowing what puts you at greater risk of experiencing a carjacking.

Learn How To Protect Yourself From Vehicle Theft

In 2021, losses stemming from vehicle theft rose over 20% from the previous year. While vehicle thefts have increased, there are fewer vehicles that are being recovered after they’ve been stolen.

What Is CAA MyPace™ – Pay-As-You-Go Insurance?

There are many options out there for auto insurance. One option that you may not be aware of is the CAA MyPace, a pay-as-you-go insurance payment program.

How to protect your car from catalytic converter theft

Cases of catalytic converter theft are increasing across Canada. Find out everything you need to know about catalytic converter theft and learn how to protect your car.

What’s the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value?

“Replacement cost” and “actual cash value” are two of the most common calculations insurers use to determine the amount a customer will receive if they make a home insurance claim or a car insurance claim. What’s the difference between them, and which applies when you make a claim?

A clever and simple way to save a cyclist’s life

With nicer weather coming, there will be more cyclists on our streets and roads. For a cyclist, getting “doored” by a car door is a very frightening reality.

How to prevent collisions with animals — and what to do when it’s too late

Thousands of animal-related collisions happen across the country every year. Learn how to prevent a collision with an animal before it happens, how to minimize injuries and damage to your vehicle if you can’t avoid a collision, and what to do if you’ve hit an animal.

What is a digital pink slip?

Many insurers have made it possible for you to carry a copy of your pink slip in your phone’s digital wallet for easy access to your pink slip at all times.

Before, during, and after: driving through a Canadian blizzard

Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned veteran, take some practical precautions before, during, and after each winter drive or road trip to make sure you (and your vehicle) arrive safe and sound.

How to tell when your tires need to be replaced

While most tire manufacturers recommend buying new tires for your car every five to six years, there are several telltale signs that you may need to replace them sooner. Here's what to look for.

What happens if you cancel car insurance?

Cancelling your current car insurance policy? Follow these steps to ensure your policy is cancelled correctly.

Don’t let your vehicle catch a cold

In the winter, your car faces different challenges due to ice, snow, and extreme temperatures. Here are a few tips to help you get ready before the first snowfall.

How to protect your vehicle from electronic car theft

If you own a car with a keyless entry system, you could be a potential target for electronic car theft. Here’s what you need to know to protect your vehicle.

Why did my car insurance go up?

An increase in the cost of auto insurance can be frustrating, especially if you haven’t had any accidents or tickets. There are several reasons, which could cause your rates to increase.

Q&A: Can my credit score affect my insurance rates?

In Canada, different organizations and individuals have the right to view your credit score. Here’s what you need to know about your credit score, including how it’s calculated, how it can affect your insurance premiums.

What does ‘accident forgiveness’ mean in a car insurance policy?

An at-fault collision can happen to even the most careful of drivers,

Why it’s important to update your insurance address if you’re moving

To call Canada’s recent real estate market ‘feverish’ seems like an understatement. It’s intense, with many people on the move due to the freedom of remote work.