Tis the Season Not to Gather

By: Whitley Newman Insurance
December 18, 2020

In our August issue, we explained how hosting a learning pod in your home for children could be a costly mistake. The same can be true if you are planning a holiday gathering in your home this month. Not only could you face hefty fines under the COVID-19 restrictions, you also risk personal liability.

Personal injury lawyer Nainesh Kotak was a guest of CTV’s Your Morning show on December 11. Kotak cautioned the viewers about hosting gatherings over the holiday season as they could be sued if a guest or guests were to contract COVID-19, and their home insurance policies may not protect them. “What could result is not only that the insurance company will not cover the damages that may be awarded or payable to a potential plaintiff, but even the legal costs of your representation, and that could be quite significant,” he said.

While many families are choosing to limit their gatherings to immediate family members, a large number of the population still plans to visit others. According to a recent survey by the Angus Reid Institute, “three-in-ten say they will be visiting with friends and family outside of their households locally”.

Be safe this holiday season.


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