Q&A: Does Home Insurance Cover Mould?

By: Stephanie Ferreiro | Economical Insurance
February 5, 2021

The short answer is no, home insurance typically doesn’t cover mould. In fact, most home insurance policies list specific exclusions for mould. However, there are certain situations where your policy may have your back in the event that mould develops in your home. Find out why home insurance typically doesn’t cover mould and learn about the exceptions to that rule.

Why doesn’t home insurance cover mould?

Home insurance is designed to protect you when your home is damaged by a sudden or accidental event, and it generally doesn’t include coverage for wear-and-tear or preventable maintenance issues. Mould typically grows over time and can be prevented by properly taking care of your home and maintaining the right moisture level, so it generally can’t be considered “sudden or accidental.” However, there are certain instances when your home insurance policy may cover mould.

When does home insurance cover mould?

The only time your home insurance policy might cover damage caused by mould is when the mould develops because of another sudden and accidental event covered by your policy. Here are a couple examples of situations where your home insurance may cover mould:

  • You return from vacation to find that there has been a water leak in your home, and mould has started to grow because of the leak
  • A major winter storm damages your roof, and water from melting snow starts leaking into your attic, causing mould to develop in your ceiling before you notice the water damage.

In situations like these, coverage will only apply if you follow the requirements laid out in your policy. For example, your insurer may require you to have a neighbour come in and check on your home every couple of days when you’re away. If you’ve been following these guidelines, your neighbour would likely discover and address a leak before it has time to lead to mould. If you don’t follow the guidelines in your policy, your insurer could deny your claim.

Every home insurance policy is unique, so it’s important to review your own policy and make sure you understand its coverages and exclusions. If you have questions about your coverage or how your own policy might respond in the event of mould damage in your home, contact us today.

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