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From a short hop to the United States for business to a months-long vacation somewhere sunny, Newman Insurance has travel insurance that will cover trip cancellations, medical expenses and most unforeseen risks.

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The Right Travel Insurance For You

With a full range of travel insurance coverage, Newman will help you take your next trip with the peace of mind that having insurance brings – for a lower price than you think.

What type of coverage do you need?


Emergency Medical Travel

If you are travelling out of country and even out of Ontario, you need emergency medical insurance to protect against health expenses. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover out-of-country medical expenses, even in cases of an emergency. Depending on the coverage purchased, emergency medical insurance will pay medical expenses, emergency transportation to the closest medical facility, and more.

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Snowbird Travel

Don’t leave Canada without a snowbird travel insurance package. Our snowbird travel insurance takes everything into account that a snowbird needs coverage for, including medical expenses, paramedical services, and compensation for transporting someone to be with you in the hospital. All with 24/7 service that never sleeps.

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Multi-Trip Travel

If you make frequent visits to the U.S. to go shopping or are a frequent business traveler, multi-trip insurance can cover you for a specific period of time without you needing to apply prior to each trip. Save money and time with multi-trip insurance to cover emergency medical and more.

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Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation insurance allows you to cancel your trip and have any costs reimbursed in the event of major events, such as a death in the family, a travel advisory in your destination country, and similar occurrences. Trip interruption insurance reimburses any costs over and above what you would have otherwise paid for a return flight home and other expenses if you need to cut a trip short due to a death in the family or any other major event that requires that your trip be cut short.

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Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Coming to Canada for a trip, or having a non-Canadian friend or family member visit? You’ll need coverage for medical expenses while in Canada if you are not a Canadian citizen since healthcare services are only free for Canadians. If you are travelling to Canada for work, your employer’s insurance will probably not cover your medical expenses.

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