Financial Check-in

Let’s face it. Change is a part of our lives almost every day.

Whatever stage of life you’re in from just beginning your career, in your prime earning years or preparing for retirement, certain events will take place that may lead you to re-think your financial goals.

For example:

  • Are you thinking of buying a new or bigger home or paying off your mortgage sooner?
  • Are you planning for a baby or saving for a child’s education?
  • Is retirement an option for you in the next little while?
  • Have your expenses or income changed recently?
  • Has your risk tolerance for investments changed based on a change in your priorities?

Life changes. Shouldn’t your financial strategy?

Any of these events may result in a need to take stock financially and make adjustments such as the following:

  • Making monthly contributions or lump sum payments into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) can help with your children’s education.
  • Paying bi-weekly or weekly or through a lump sum can shave years off your mortgage payback period saving interest in the long run.
  • Setting up a pre-authorized contribution plan to an RRSP can help you take advantage of dollar cost averaging and compounding to grow your retirement nest egg faster.

Planning and guidance can help

Your financial strategy should be flexible and recognize that your needs and goals will evolve over time. In general your strategy should be reviewed at least once a year and after any life event. This will help you be financially prepared to face life’s challenges.

Our Financial Services department is ready to help you keep your finances on track by providing a review of your financial strategy.

Call us or email us today for more details on how we can help.

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